Trans-Acc is not just a provider of liquid and wet coatings; we are specialists in creating durable, high-performance coatings tailored to the demands of various industries. Our services are built around detailed specifications that ensure each project we undertake meets stringent quality standards.


  • Application Methods: We employ a variety of techniques including spraying, dipping, and rolling to apply coatings evenly and thoroughly.
  • Coating Types: Our offerings include high build epoxy coatings, military CARC coatings, and other specialized formulas designed to provide robust protection against environmental and chemical damages.
  • Color Compliance: We adhere to Federal Standard 595, Munsell color system, and PMS or RAL color matching systems, providing a wide range of standard and custom colors.
  • Curing and Drying: We ensure that each coating undergoes the correct curing or drying cycle, optimized for the best performance and durability of the coating.


  • Enhanced Durability: Our coatings are engineered to resist marring and corrosion, extending the lifecycle of the treated parts.
  • Customization: With a broad selection of coatings and color options, plus the ability to produce custom colors quickly, we can meet unique project requirements without compromising on quality.
  • Comprehensive Process Control: From pre-treatment through to the final drying cycle, every step is meticulously managed to ensure consistent and high-quality results.
  • Industry Expertise: Leveraging decades of experience, we provide solutions that meet specific industry standards and client expectations.

At Trans-Acc, we understand that the right coating does more than just improve appearance—it protects and enhances the functionality of the parts it covers. Explore the full scope of our liquid and wet coating services and learn how we can bring these advantages to your next project by visiting Trans-Acc Liquid & Wet Coating Services.