At Trans-Acc, we specialize in providing top-tier plastisol and nylon coating services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our expertise allows us to apply coatings on various substrates, enhancing the performance and durability of the finished products.

Plastisol Coatings for Tactile Needs: Our plastisol coatings are perfect for applications requiring a tactile finish. Ideal for tooling or fixturing, these coatings offer a softer touch, which significantly enhances the usability and comfort of the coated items. Through careful application processes, we ensure that each product meets the specific requirements of our clients, providing a seamless and functional coating solution.

Nylon Coatings for Robust Protection: On the other hand, our nylon coatings are designed for products that demand high durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Utilizing electrostatic sprays, we apply nylon powders up to 0.040″ thick, creating coatings that are tough, solvent-resistant, and highly durable against impacts and abrasions. These characteristics make our nylon coatings ideal for shelving applications and specific uses within the food industry, thanks to their excellent abrasion resistance and natural lubricity.

Both our plastisol and nylon coatings serve as a liquid primer pre-coat to enhance adhesion and performance. By working closely with our customers, we identify the best coating solutions to meet their unique product requirements and ensure superior performance across all applications.

For more information about our specialized coating services, visit our detailed service page: Plastisol & Nylon Coating Services.