At Trans-ACC, the journey of a coating is not merely a task but a meticulous orchestration from start to finish. Dive into the heart of Trans-ACC’s comprehensive coating process, where precision is paramount, and every stage plays a crucial role in ensuring coatings meet the highest performance standards in the field.

The process commences with a meticulous pre-treatment, a foundational step that sets the stage for coating excellence. Trans-ACC’s skilled team employs advanced techniques to clean and apply pre-treatment, laying the groundwork for optimal adhesion and durability.

Moving forward, whether it’s a conveyor line or a spray booth, the application of liquid coatings takes center stage. The expertise lies not just in the application but in the selection of coatings tailored to the specific needs of diverse substrates and part sizes.

The final act in this precision performance is the curing cycle. Trans-ACC ensures that the correct curing or drying process is executed, enhancing the durability and functionality of the coatings. This end-to-end approach is a testament to Trans-ACC’s commitment to doing the right things the right way, delivering coatings that surpass customer expectations in both form and function.