Trans-Acc provides Metal Pretreatment and Coating services to many different industries.

From Aerospace and Automotive to Defense and Medical, the industries we serve also includes a multitude of other commercial businesses. We do understand the need for producing superior results. That is why so many companies from around the U.S. trust only Trans-Acc for their Metal Pretreatment and Coating Services.


Trans-Acc and aviation companies from the aerospace industry have been partnering for decades. From military to civil aviation, we understand that regardless of the use, the products we produce need to be of the highest quality. This is not only a matter of appearance; it is a matter of safety for others.



Throughout the United States, businesses from the automotive industry have sought out reliable companies to fill the need for metal pretreatment and coating services. Fortunately, Trans-Acc continues to be the leader for the automotive parts suppliers and others’ go-to when they look for superior products.



Being Mil-Spec compliant allows Trans-Acc the ability to continue fulfilling the needs of our United States military. Competitive pricing and flexible lead-times throughout the country is another reason we are the preferred metal pretreatment and coating company for the defense industry.



Providing metal pretreatment and coating services throughout the medical industry has been a big part of Trans-Acc’s business for many years. When providing finished products that need to meet critical safety and compliance requirements, Trans-Acc is the preferred company for the medical industry.



Regardless of the business type, Trans-Acc has more than likely provided them with metal pretreatment and coating services. From small individual projects to high-volume projects such as coatings industrial pipes and valves, businesses throughout the Industrial and Oil and Gas industry rely on Trans-Acc to meet their needs.



At Trans-Acc, we always work with our customers, throughout the tooling industry, to provide the best metal pretreatment and coating services they require. Trans-Acc is the leading company for the tooling industry, when it comes to providing quality and trustable service.


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