In the article “Surface Preparation for Best Adhesion for Powder Coating” by PF Online, a query regarding the surface preparation for cold-rolled 304 Stainless square tubing highlights the importance of proper surface treatment for effective powder coating. The tubing’s exposure to varying temperatures and environments necessitates a robust coating solution to ensure long-lasting protection and a professional finish.

For stainless steel surfaces like 304SST, achieving optimal adhesion requires meticulous surface preparation. A comprehensive process is recommended, starting with media blasting using aluminum oxide to remove oxidation and pits. Subsequently, a controlled alkaline degreasing step eliminates residual oils and contaminants, ensuring a clean surface for coating application.

A crucial step in the process involves passivation to remove iron-based residues and sulfides, which can lead to corrosion. Passivation typically entails immersing the part in a nitric acid bath, ensuring thorough treatment as per ASTM A380 standards.

After thorough drying, immediate powder coating of the passivated surface is recommended to preserve its integrity. High-quality powder coatings negate the need for primer coatings, enhancing efficiency and durability.

To meet durability requirements, it’s emphasized to apply the powder coating at a sufficient thickness, typically 3.0 to 4.0 mils for outdoor applications. Adequate curing temperature and time are essential to ensure the coating’s complete chemical bonding and durability.

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