As reported by Products Finishing in their article “Powder Coating 4.0: Smarter, Faster, More Efficient and Connected,” the tools of lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are reshaping the powder coating segment, facilitating increased equipment connectivity and enhanced process control. This evolution enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize data more effectively, facilitating comparisons between present and past process cycles and aiding in achieving production goals. This advancement is crucial for identifying and clearing bottlenecks, reducing energy and water usage, enhancing throughput, and improving process efficiency amid mounting pressures to control costs, adopt eco-friendly technologies, reduce carbon footprint, and enhance quality.

One notable contributor to this advancement is its Industrial Coatings Systems Division in Westlake, Ohio. It is globally renowned for its application and curing equipment for powder coating and liquid spray painting across various sectors including automotive, mining, agriculture, architecture, furniture, and marine industries.

Being an early leader in powder coating, it offers a wide array of manual and automatic equipment, including venturi and high-density/low-velocity (HDLV) pumps, advanced electrostatic controls capable of managing nano-currents with precision, and spray systems facilitating rapid color changes. Moreover, its equipment is Industry 4.0 compliant, incorporating smart elements for adaptive control and data collection, recording, and monitoring. This enables enhanced quality and process control, along with remote troubleshooting capabilities. Notably, all equipment complies with global standards, ensuring versatility across various geographic locations.

At the forefront of this powder coating evolution stands a company, leveraging Industry 4.0 principles to drive efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability in the powder coating industry.

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