As detailed in the article “Powder Coating Formulation Combines Hardness and Flexibility” by PF Online, IFS Coatings based in Gainesville, Texas, has recently launched IFS Puroplaz PE16, a thermoplastic modified polyolefin powder coating renowned for its remarkable combination of exceptional hardness and outstanding flexibility, coupled with superior adhesion properties.

With a Shore D Hardness of 60 and exceptional gravelometer performance, Puroplaz PE16 stands out for its impressive impact and abrasion resistance. According to Tim Brinner, Vice President of Thermoplastics at IFS Coatings, this formulation offers a rare balance of hardness and flexibility, making it ideal for applications such as fence wire weaving that require both qualities along with excellent abrasion resistance.

Puroplaz PE16 finds extensive applications across various industries, including woven wire fence, fence poles, baskets, battery boxes, automotive springs, water pipe and fittings, and more. Notably, it provides the desired lower gloss for many of these applications and is available in spray and dip grade formulations, formulated without PVC, Phthalates, or BPA.

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